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EODP Applications, Reports


Currently we are not accepting applications.

Fact Sheet   Eastern Ontario Development Program   The Eastern Ontario Development Program is an economic development initiative focused on addressing economic challenges in eastern Ontario and taking advantage of innovative opportunities in the region. Since its inception in 2004, this successful program has been renewed several times. The five-year renewal of the program, effective April 1, 2014, is expected to result in more strategic, long-term economic development investments and collaborative projects that will benefit eastern Ontario businesses and communities.   The Government of Canada’s renewed commitment to the program is based on its success. This success is due to the strong delivery model which utilizes the eastern Ontario’s 15 Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) and for larger regional projects through Northumberland CFDC. Applications will be solicited by each CFDC and Regional projects by Northumberland CFDC and assessed on their potential to stimulate local and regional economic development and create jobs.   The renewed Eastern Ontario Development Program focuses on outcomes that align with the federal government’s priority to promote the development of a strong and diversified economy. CFDCs and the Northumberland CFDC will consider project proposals in the following three areas:

  • Business Development (BD): Promote growth of new and existing businesses in rural eastern Ontario communities. (See below for Trenval local applications)
  • Community Innovation (CI): Advance community-led economic development to enhance and diversify local economies.  (See below for Trenval local applications)
  • Collaborative Economic Development Projects (CEDP): Support collaborative economic development projects that demonstrate benefits to multiple communities. TO SUBMIT A REGIONAL APPLICATION: For contact information click on Northumberland CFDC 

CFDCs and Northumberland CFDC for regional projects will deliver funding to eligible recipients to undertake projects that address local and regional issues, challenges, and opportunities in rural eastern Ontario. Eligible project recipients include:

  • Not-for-profit organizations, including municipalities and municipal organizations, corporations, community economic development   organizations;
  • Commercial enterprises, including individuals, corporations, partnerships, cooperatives, or trusts;
  • Aboriginal organizations; and
  • Post-secondary institutions.

Since the program was launched in 2004, CFDC’s have achieved the following results by working with community stakeholders from across the region to develop and implement projects that benefit the local economy: More than $80 million has been invested in more than 7,636 business and community development projects; More than 63,356 people have received work-related training; and an additional $345.6 million has been leveraged from partners such as local businesses, municipalities and the Government of Ontario, at a ratio of $1: $4.41. Eligible activities for the Recipient Activities include: (all funding requires a minimum of 50% match of cash funding from applicant, applicant must pay all costs up front and provide invoices and proof of payment, HST not eligible, all applicants must have a valid CRA Business Number)

Expansion of Economic Assets (capacity building)

  • Industry cluster development and expansion
  • Labour Market development (skills gap analysis, skills development, worker transition)
  • Strategic planning and research studies

Business Development and Growth

New Business Development

  •   Training and Mentoring
  •  Business Start-ups (generally producing revenue and in business from 3-12 months, all applicants must have a valid CRA Business Number)

Existing Businesses

  • Productivity enhancements (information and communication technologies, energy, new technologies, productivity assessments)
  • Market diversification
  • Innovation/product development (research and development)
  • Succession planning

Business Infrastructure

  • Business incubators
  • Supply chain analysis and development



Currently we are not accepting applications.


Our Focus on Applications is listed in the below areas;

Business Development: Key economic sectors in the Trenval CFDC’s service area include advanced manufacturing, food processing, logistics and distribution. The Trenval CFDC will promote the growth of new and existing businesses in these sectors by supporting projects such as training and mentorship opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs); productivity enhancements; market diversification; innovation/product development; succession planning; and expansion opportunities.

Community Innovation:

  • Support to local manufacturers to access new markets and manage labour market needs
  • Collaboration with Loyalist College to improve SME productivity through Technical skills development training in: sustainable and energy savings; leadership and supervisory development; and mechanical/electrical/technical cross training.
  • Partnering with local community economic development organizations to undertake target market analysis to identify investment attraction and competitive advantage opportunities for new investments.
  • Support youth retention and employment opportunities through internship program to encourage local employers to hire local grads.

Ineligible Costs (by way of example)

Only successful applicants will be contacted.

EODP  Contact Person: Harry Todd,  email: htodd@trenval.on.ca


Reports for Current EODP Recipients:

  Monthly Claim Reports: Client-Claim-Form,

2016-17 Monthly Client EODP reporting form,

 2016-17 Final-EODP-report



2017/18 Eastern Ontario Development Program Recipients, and amounts approved up to: 

Barn Owl Malt Inc. $1,432

Process testing equipment

Location: Thurlow

BCS Automation Ltd. , $15,000

ISO certification

Location; Belleville

Beclawat, $20,000

Business expansion, computerized scheduling system

Location: Belleville

Bridle Path Tack Shop Inc. ; $9,400

Online inventory system

Location; Corbyville

Burger Revolution. $8,526

Business expansion

Location: Belleville

Canada Cordages, $30,000

New product line expansion

Location: Deseronto

Country Butcher, $10,000

Business expansion, new product offerings

Location: Foxboro

Farquhar Cabinets, $6,145

Equipment upgrades

Location: Stirling

HAI Precision Waterjets Inc. , $45,000

5 axis milling machine purchase

Location; Trenton

Kool Koatings; $15,000

Business expansion, new product line processing equipment

Location: Belleville

Launch Lab: $20,000

Business Development, new and existing

Location: Trenval  catchment area

Mirmil Products, $20,000

Business expansion, new equipment

Location; Trenton

Nestle Canada Inc., $20,000

New product line expansion

Location: Trenton

Pasta Tavola , $15,000

Business expansion, new product line equipment

Location; Belleville

Polish Day Spa Inc. , $15,000

Business expansion

Location; Belleville

Quinte Economic Development Com, $84,500

Manufactures Resource Centre and investment attraction support

Location: Trenval catchment area

Sprague Foods Inc., $24,973

Product line expansion, equipment

Location: Belleville

Small Business Centre, $20,000

Support for Starter Plus Program

Location: SBC Catchment area

The Fitness Guild,  $5,000

Business expansion, downtown, equipment

Location: Belleville

Tipper Financial, $6,202

Customer management and communications systems upgrades

Location: Belleville

Truck-Right Data Management Inc. ,   $18,822

Development of new software for the market

Location; Belleville

Wild Card Brewing Company, $12,500

Business volume expansion, equipment

Location: Quinte West




2016/17 Eastern Ontario Development Program Recipients and amounts approved up to:

3D DesignWorx   $3,859

Location: Trenton

Alliance Custom Fabrication  $15,000

Location Belleville

Athena Freight Services Inc. $3,302

Location: Trenton

Beclawat Manufacturing Inc.  $20,000

Location: Belleville

Canada Cordage Inc.  $5,656

Location Deseronto: Funding received for business expansion into the slick tape market

County Of Hastings, Elevate Program,  $30,000


Location: Hastings County

Glenn Kozak of Trenval presents a cheque to Erin Rivers of Hastings County for funding towards the Elevate program which provide jobs and transferable training for up to 12 people.

CrossFit Trent, $485

Location: Trenton

Dolphin Fiberglass Pools, $30,790

Funding for business expansion

Location: Trenton

Home Décor and Moore, $4,622

Location: Belleville

Kennametal Stellite Inc., $10,000

Location: Belleville

Kool Koatings Inc. $10,000

Location: Belleville

La Cultura Salumi, $11,038

Funding for new food processing equipment

Location: Quinte West

Launch Lab,   $20,000

New Business Development

Location: Trenval catchment area

Miltex Solutions Canada, $10,000


Location : Belleville

Miltex’s new web cutter that will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

MKR Cabinets Inc.  $25,000


Location: Trenton

Glenn Kozak of Trenval presents a cheque to Dale Sokolowski of MKR Cabinets for funding towards the purchase of a cold press and case clamp.

Pasta Tavola Inc.  $11,750

Location: Belleville

Quinte Economic Development Commission,  $83,500

Manufacturing Resource Centre and Investment attraction

Location: Trenval catchment area

Quinte West Farmers Market,   $9,190

Location: Trenton

Redpath Sugar, $20,000


Location: Belleville

Harry Todd of Trenval presents a cheque to Phil Parlatore for funding towards a high speed Video Jet continuous inkjet engineered for extended runs and have on board Code Assurance.

Sprague Foods: $16,250

Funding for new food processing equipment

Location: Belleville

The Brake Room,  $10,000

The Brake Room

Location: Belleville

Funding provided for new business equipment

Trenton Business Improvement Area $3,500

Location: Trenton

Triangle Fluid Controls Ltd.  $20,000

Location: Belleville

United Independent Energy Group  $10,000

Location: Belleville

Urban Herb Restaurant Inc. Nice Ice Baby Ice cream, $20,000


Location: Belleville

Funding provided for cost on starting up the new food product line “Nice Ice Baby Ice Cream”

Urban Liquidation Inc.  $10,000

Location: Trenton

Glenn Kozak of Trenval presents a cheque to Shawn Ellis of Urban Liquidation for recent business expansion.

Wild Card Brewing Company  $13,093

Location: Trenton

Glenn Kozak of Trenval presents to Nate Card of Wild Card Brewing a cheque for the recent expansion.


Wish Etc., $2,975

Location: Trenton

Business expansion

Woodbeck Auto Parts, $20,000


Location: Stirling Rawdon

Glenn Kozak of Trenval presents a cheque to Greg Woodbeck of Woodbeck Auto for funding to assist the purchase of equipment that will allow purchase of vehicles by weight to extrapolate metals and other recyclables while operating under the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR)



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