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Business Spotlight – Be Prepared – Emma Travis

Printable Spotlight – Be Prepared               There’s a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing first aid. Being trained in life-saving skills mean that you’re prepared in the face of an emergency, with the ability to act and to save lives. Emma Travis embodies the philosophy of preparedness. When she started Be Prepared First Aid Training, Emma wanted to do a unique spin on first aid.   “I remember taking some very boring first aid […]
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Business Spotlight – Research Casting International – Peter May

Research Casting International – Peter May In 1987 Peter May ventured from his prior position at the Royal Ontario Museum to pursue his own business, Research Casting International to embark upon the intricate yet massive process of restoration and preservation of the world’s most valuable paleontological specimens and artifacts through restores, casts, and mounts for exhibits internationally. Trenval is proud to be one of the supporters assisting Peter May in developing his dream and unique business idea into “a world player in the […]
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Business Spotlight – Compliancy Plus

  Some things are just better left to experienced professionals. Like when an ELD is recording a driver’s HoS using the vehicles diagnostics system through an ECM to measure Km/h, distance and other things, it can get kind of confusing. That’s the idea behind Compliancy Plus, at least. The company specializes in making sure truck drivers are Electronic Log Device (ELD) compliant. But what’s that all mean? “We take the hassle out of everything to do with an ELD,” says company founder […]
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Business Spotlight – Sans Souci

    Family. Raising the bar. Challenges, success and versatility. Greg Sheridan has taken the parts of his life that make him who he is and put them into something extraordinary.   Sans Souci started in 1994 as a humble catering business, operating out of Belleville.   “I wanted to bring high-end restaurant food to the area,” Greg explains. “Instead of the same old plain roast beef and turkey dinners.”   Greg recalls the driving force behind opening his catering for business […]
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Business Spotlight – Phoenix PT

The phoenix is a mythical creature. It’s story tells of a fiery bird, rising from the ashes to become stronger than before. It’s a tale of rebirth, strength and resilience. It’s also why Craig Elliot of Phoenix Personal Trainer (Phoenix PT) decided to name his business after the legendary bird. “The story of the phoenix and its rebirth shares a lot of parallels with what we do here,” says Craig. “Right down to a rising-from-the-ashes emphasis. But the inspiration for the studio […]
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Business Spotlight – Wild Card Brewery

A Trent university graduate walks into a pub in England. Out walks two things: inspiration and a fine idea. Meet Nathan Card. At the age of 27, he’s become one of the premier local craft-brewers in the region. “Brewing was a big passion of mine from the first batch of beer I made,” Nathan says. “The feeling of creating something that people enjoy was exhilarating. At that point around 21 I wasn’t very hands on skilled but this gave me an outlet […]
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Succession Matching Community Project

                  Business Owners or Farm owners, this is for you, free webinars by experts in their fields on business transition. Succession Matching has collaborated with Northwest Community Futures on a collective action by the public, private and non-governmental sectors, to address the issue of business transition. Register today at the Eventbrite link provided. For more information on the webinar series or on the Succession Matching Community Project with Northwest Community Futures, please contact: dana@successionmatching.com […]
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The Bay of Quinte: Be More. Do More. Live More.

The Bay of Quinte: Be More. Do More. Live More Escape Anonymity: Grow your Company in a Community-Focused Location and Achieve Bigger Impact. 1. BE MORE: Companies in the Bay of Quinte get more attention from three levels of economic development support because the jobs you create have a huge impact on our community. 2. DO MORE: You’ll notice business space and overhead costs are less than other high tech centres so you can maximize investment without compromising on quality or convenience. 3. […]
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More Bang for the Buck…

With 61 offices like Trenval across Ontario and 269 across the country, our lending program has a vast impact on the local economy. Interested in starting or expanding your business?… Give us a call. The Impact of the Community Futures Program on Ontario’s Economy    
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