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Business Spotlight – Timbertop Country Store – Sidney Bearinger



Timbertop Country Store – Sidney Bearinger


Hyperlocal is a word that describes anything that is focusing on matters of a small community or geographical area. An adjective perfectly describing Foxboro’s Timbertop Country Store setting them apart from their competitors. A perfect descriptor embraced by owner Sydney Bearinger.

“We rely heavily on the support of our local community,” he says. “We do our best to create strong relationships with local contractors, farmers and whomever enters our store. We celebrate our store and our customers annually with an appreciation barbeque and an in-store sale.”

It is easy to see where Sydney gets this sense of community.

“As a dairy farmer, I started distributing products related to cropping and got to greatly enjoy the retailing experience,” he explains.

With his background in farming and construction, combined with his love of the retailing experience, it was a natural progression to open a country store, but not just any country store thanks to their 11,000 square foot facility they also stock some of the finest lumber and equipment in the area.

Despite being a local amenity, Sydney does face challenges.

“Being a smaller store, the level of competition is strong when competing against the big box stores. We overcome these challenges by offering competitive prices and service that is undoubtedly better than our competitors are,” says Sydney.

No matter what challenges Sydney’s faces, he always goes back to the one thing that keeps him going: community. He reminisces of the time he made his first sale at Timbertop.

“The first sale was almost like the cutting of the ribbon and was assuring that we, with the support of our local community, could make this store a success. We still experience that same pleasure and excitement in assisting each customer and with each sale, knowing that our valued customers have been provided with an excellent shopping experience and with a quality product,” shares Sidney.

“It was a relief when the day to open finally rolled around and we were able to open the doors and welcome people in. A lot of hard work went into being prepared for that day.” Now that is true definition of a ‘hyperlocal’.

Check out the Timbertop Country Store!  https://www.timbertopstore.ca/





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